Post Natal Disorders And Ayurveda


Nowadays one can commonly hear the complaints of backache, lethargy, appetite disturbance, mood swings, pain in abdomen off and on, specially from newbie mothers. On probing, these could be related to post natal period. These complaints fall under Sutika roga or Puerperal disorders.

Sutika Roga


The disorders afflicting the puerperal woman are called Sutika roga or Puerperal (post natal) disorders.

These are 74 in number and include all the disorders from vaginal injuries during delivery to general and infective disorders and also complications likely to arise due to puerperal diseases.

The body of puerperal woman becomes languid due to overexertion caused by continuous strong labor pains, vitiation of doshas, exhaustion of indriyas (conative and cognitive organs), decrease in sara (essence) of dhatus and blood loss .

If proper care is not taken during delivery and post natal period, slight vitiation of doshas lead to disorders and complications.


The factors responsible for post natal disorders are

* Suppression of natural urges eg urination, defaecation, sneezing etc
Excessive sleeping during daytime
* Going out during night
* Sudden fall from height
* Jealousy, grief, anger, fear
* Incompatible food
* Indigestion

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