Factors Causing Diseases In Women

On International Woman’s Day , women should take care of their health as a priority . Diseases are on rise in adolescent girls , young women , women in menopausal phase . Ayurveda elaborates the causes leading to diseases in women which should be avoided to remain healthy . These are : 

1) Improper Diet : It includes eating unbalanced, unwholesome , stale , preserved , frozen , salty , spicy , sweet , oily , refined food in excess at inappropriate time .

2) Improper Coitus : It includes excessive coitus , with multiple partners , in unhygienic conditions , not using precautionary measures e.g condom etc . These are the major causes of sexually transmitted diseases , HIV , Cancer of cervix .

3) Irregular Menstrual Cycle : Improper diet and lifestyle , stress are the major causes of menstrual irregularities i.e heavy menses to scanty menses , short duration to longer duration etc . Irregular menstrual cycle is the cause and effect of various diseases .

                                      womans day1

4) Foreign Bodies : Use of instruments for pleasure , improper use of contraceptive devices leads to trauma , infection , allergy etc 

5) Genetic Factors : These can be avoided by Pre marriage and Pre pregnancy counseling and check up.Diseases like Thalassemia , Neural tube defects , Down’s syndrome etc can be avoided. Ayurveda has described Pre pregnancy care elaborately for healthy progeny .

7) Poor Posture : Due to poor posture body’s vertical position is out of alignment and back’s natural curves become distorted .This puts strain on neck , lower back and pelvic region profoundly .In females sluggish pelvic region can lead to prolapse and urinary incontinence . Utmost care should be taken during pregnancy , delivery and post natal period as pelvic region is at maximum strain during this period . 

6) Idiopathic : Sometimes no apparent cause can be found for ill health . So healthy lifestyle is the answer to good health .

Ayurveda describes woman as the epitome of the society as she is the progenitor . Health of the family and society depends on the health of the woman .

So , on this Woman’s Day , let’s celebrate the true essence of womanhood . Live a simpler and natural life and nature will take care of you .


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