6 Ayurvedic Herbs That Heal Your Heart

Today is World Heart Day . Atleast 80% of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease ( CVD ) could be avoided if four main risk factors – tobacco use , unhealthy diet , physical inactivity and harmful use of alchohol – are controlled .

So , this year’s theme is creating Heart –healthy environments .

Along with these environments if we judiciously use Ayurvedic   herbs , health of heart can be maintained and many complications can be avoided.

world heart day


ARJUNA ( Terminalia arjuna ) :

Anti hyperlipaemic Activity : Terminalia arjuna is known to inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis and potentiates the activity of lipolytic enzymes to early clearance of lipids from the circulation in triton induced hyperlipaemia .

Hyperlipaemia cause inhibition of hepatic lipolytic activity and specific binding of I-125-LDL in membrane, T. arjuna is known to restore the enzyme activity and receptor mediated catabolism of LDL. T. arjuna administerd in hyperlipaemic subjects inhibits the overall hepatic lipid biosynthesis as evidenced by the decreased incorporation of sodium acetate , cholesterol – digitonoid and free fatty acid fractions of liver lipids . T. arjuna enhances the synthesis of LDL apo proteins as well as receptor protein and inhibits the oxidative modification of LDL to accelerate the turn over of LDL cholesterol in liver .

Antianginal and Cardioprotective Activity : T. arjuna is known to alleviate angina pain in Ischemic heart disease . It is also effective in patients having rhythm disturbance particularly in ventricular premature beats . In one of the studies  , T . arjuna exhibited increase in the coronary flow of the blood in coronary heart diseased patients .

It is known to lower systolic blood pressure , body mass index and increases HDL cholesterol . It has been observed to increase PGE2 activity . PGE2 is known to induce coronary vasodilation and hypotension .

DRAKSHA ( Vitis vinifera ) :

Cardioprotective Activity : The cardioprotective effect of V. vinifera is contributed to the three polyphenolic groups . These are – procyanidins , anthocyans and trans – resveratrol . The cardioprotective action of resveratrol is supposed to be mediated through anti oxidant property . Resveratrol significantly protects LDL from oxidation .

7 Steps to a Healthier Heart infographic from @Alice Health

ARDRAKA ( Zingiber offinale ) :

The active constituents gingerol and shagol are known to cause vagal stimulation . This results in decrease in blood pressure and heart rate . Gingerol shows a significant decrease in serum cholesterol with an increase in HDL cholesterol.

KALMEGHA ( Andrographis panniculata ) :

Stenosis caused by injury to the inner lining of the blood vessel and high cholesterol in diet is also decreased by A. panniculata .It is known to have anti platelet aggregation property . It is also known to have fibrinolysis property which helps to dissolve the clots after myocardial infarction .

Women Heart Infographic

DARUHALDI ( Berberis aristata ) :

Clinical trials have suggested that B. aristata and berberine may be effective in preventing the onset of ventricular tachy arrhythmias and sudden coronary death after myocardial ischemic damage . In human’s berberine in a specific dose for 30 minutes elicited several significant changes . A 48% decrease in systemic and 41% decrease in pulmonary vascular resistance , along with a 28% decrease in right atrium and 32% in left ventricular and diastolic pressure is observed . Measurable increase of 46% in cardiac index , 45% in stroke index and 56% in left ventricular ejection factor is found .

PUSHKARMULA ( Inula racemosa ) :

Inula racemosa is known for its anti angina action . Alantalactone and isoalantolactone are considered to be responsible for its action . I. racemosa shows improvement in precordial pain and dyspnoea in angina patients when administered along with Commiphora mukul . It also lowers the serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels , in hyperlipidemic patients .

The powder of I. racemosa is known to prevent ST segment depression and T wave inversion in patients with proven ischemic heart disease .


2 thoughts on “6 Ayurvedic Herbs That Heal Your Heart

  1. beautifully described and in a proper way. yes ,i want to share my views that how these herbs must be useful in which form. because your experience is vast so kindly advise us the way of use or taking as a medicine. please do not take other wise.

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