Happy Dhanvantari Jayanti




Commonly worshipped as the Hindu God of Medicine, the Master of Universal Knowledge, Physician of Gods and the Guardian Deity of Hospitals, Lord DHANVANTARI is regarded as the original exponent of Indian medical system called AYURVEDA, the ‘eternal science of life.’

Normally shown as clad in bright yellow silk, He is depicted with four hands- the upper pair of hands carrying sankha and chakra, and the lower pair, a (golden) leech (jalookaa-medical term Hirudo Medicinalis) and kamandalu (pitcher) (sometimes shown as a blood letting bowl). Sometimes he is shown with the text of the upaveda, AYURVEDA and medicinal herbs. Sometime he is shown with a tulasi-seed garland around his neck and a plant-wreath halo. His complexion is blue, making Him another incarnation of VISHNU.

churning of ocean


Lord Dhanvantari arose at the time of churning of ocean of milk, holding the pitcher of AMRITA the elixir of life that could bestow immortality.

Dhanwantari Mantras for Good Health :

  • Namaami Dhanwantharim Aadi Devam , Surasura Vanditam Paada Padmam I

     Loke Jaraa Rugbhay Mrityu Naashakam , Daataaram                        Eesham Vividhaushadhinaam II

  • Shankham Chakramuparyadhashcha Kaaryordivyaushdhiam dakshine I

    Vaamenanyakaren Sambhratsudhakumbham JalaukavaalimII

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