Happy New Year 2017

What Do You Wish For 2017?

It is that time of the year again where we stop and reflect upon the days we are leaving behind, so we may move into a New Year – ready for new beginnings.

Whether you celebrate New Years or not, most of us do feel motivated to make new changes and to try and live our lives in a better and more purposeful manner.


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So what have you envisioned for the 2017?

My spiritual teachers often taught us about the importance of having a strong single-pointed focus:

The ability to focus on a goal, without being distracted by other things.

Just like when you meditate, the thoughts may flow around, but you shouldn’t let them distract you, but just allowing them to flow past you. When we fully focus on something or whole-heartedly and consciously send out thoughts – it can make a huge difference in our lives.  

 Always remember, no one can open the door of Opportunities for you. Don’t wait around for life to happen, but make it happen.

Know that you have got all it takes to transform your life – as long as you stay focused and manage your thoughts and energy. So take charge of yourself, and of your life. Don’t let it happen accidentally.

Focus on mindfulness, manage your thoughts and move forward with strength.

Moreover, remind yourself that New Year is every day. Every single moment of our life – is an opportunity to end a cycle and make a new beginning.

Source : Reshma Shaidi -https://www.instagram.com/rshaidighazi/






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