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baljot1Dr Baljot Bharaj  ,  M.S (Ayu) Obs & Gyne, is an Ayurveda Consultant  & Pranic Healer at Kayakalp Ayurveda . She is trained in Kereliya Panchkarma.                                 Her endeavour is to expedite Ayurveda – the natural science of life – which stresses on lifestyle management in a scientific way to lead a happy and healthy life – physically , mentally , spiritually i.e ‘holistic wellbeing for harmonious life’. Her consulting practice mainly comprise Antenatal and Postnatal Care, Gynecological Care, Beauty Care and Health Care .

She has done her post graduation with  specialization in Obstetrics & Gynecology  from Gujarat Ayurved University , Jamnagar ,India – the prestigious and pioneer institute of Ayurveda in the   world  . She is trained in Kereliya Panchkarma from  Arya Vaidya Sala ,  Kottakkal , Kerela , India .

Dr Baljot Bharaj’s approach of healing  is with a vision of  –

*  Assisting  to create and sustain holistic wellbeing and healthy               society through Ayurveda .

*  Bringing harmony and complete balance of mind, body and                  soul/consciousness .

*  Healthy mother –   the epitome of the society as she is the                       progenitor . Health of the family and society depends on the                 health of the woman .

*  Healthy child – the foundation of healthy and progressive society .

Her expertise is in providing –

*  Pre conception (Garbhadhan vidhi),

*  Antenatal (Garbhini paricharya) ,

*   Post natal (Sutika paricharya) care with Ayurvedic formulations          and  regimen for healthy child and  safe & happy motherhood .

*  Supportive Ayurvedic care for High Risk Pregnancies and                     complications during pregnancies .

*  Specialized  curative and supportive Ayurvedic treatment for conditions         related to women’s health , beauty  care and health care   .

Dr Baljot Bharaj has profound experience of practicing Ayurveda in various capacities –

*  Private Consultant ,

*  In government sector ,

*  Delivering lectures ,

*  Publishing articles ,

*  Research work ,

*  Guest speaker in various Radio & Television Talk shows on Ayurveda ,

*  Pranic Healing .

She regularly attends and presents papers in various national and international conferences and workshops .

Her emphasis is on the maintenance of ‘ holistic wellbeing and harmony ’ for total health through scientific and experiential wisdom of Ayurveda .


                 Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah l  Sarve Santu Niramayah ll   

                        ( May All Be Happy  l  May All Be Healthy  ll )

Contact Information :

E-mail : bhbharaj@yahoo.com ; bhbharaj@gmail.com

Phone : +91 – 9915906929

Website : http://www.kayakalpayurveda.in


19 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I am suffering from Adenomyosos of uterus for last so many yrs. I tried ellopathy and homeopathy as well with no sign of complete relief. Please advise. Also please let me know your contact details to have direct interaction with you. We stay in Hyderabad.


  2. Madam my name is kavita and iam suffering from adenomyosis of uterus past 1year.Iam taking allopathy treatment and Doctors suggested for removal of uterus.pl advice me in this regards.

  3. My wife is suffering from primary infertility, both phalopean tube is block,two IVF & three cycle of ODET have been done but there is no fruitful result.is there any cure in ayurveda?please guide us.


  4. Madam,
    I am sharda. I’m 35yrs old. I am suffering from high fsh, I done 1 ivf but it’s not successful. Is there any cure in ayurveda?
    Please guide us. And send me your contact details.
    Thank you


  5. My name is Rahima. I am from Bangladesh. My fsh is 45 and my progesterone is also high.In this situation what can I do?Please give me a suggestion. If you tell me that my treatment is possible then I will come India.

  6. hallo madam, my name is rina kumari. i am sufering fr adinomyosis &choclate cyst. my maraid has 12 years . i have no chaild.2 times ivf is .faild.please give me saggetion.

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