Successful Ayurvedic Treatment of High FSH ( Follicle Stimulating Hormone ) – A Case Report

This patient 20 years / female , had came with the complaint of delayed menses and weight gain since 8 months . Her USG report indicated PCOD? . So she was advised for hormonal evaluation on 2nd day of menses i.e     FSH      ( Follicle Stimulating Hormone  ) , LH      ( Luteinising Hormone ) and Insulin ( Fasting ) .

Her reports were :

FSH – 65.1 mIU/ml ( It was in the Post Menopausal Range                                                                                            23.00 – 116.30 )

LH – 16.8 mIU/ml ( It was in the Post Menopausal Range                                                                                                15.90 – 54.00 )

Insulin – 13.0 ( It was within the Normal Range )

Hormonal assay was High FSH & High LH .

Ayurvedic Treatment was started on 30th November , 2013  . Her next two cycles were   normal .

FSH , LH was repeated after two months – on 22nd January , 2014 . Both of them were within normal range .

FSH – 5.6 mIU/ml ( Normal Range 2.50 – 10.20 )

LH – 3.0 mIU/ml ( Normal Range 1.9 – 12.50 )

Ayurvedic treatment was continued for 2 more months . Her USG  was repeated and was Normal .

                                            BEFORE TREATMENT         IMG_20150228_232827

                                           AFTER TREATMENT



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India – The land of Vedas, the remarkable works contain not only religious ideas for a perfect life, but also facts which science has proved true. Electricity, radium, electronics, airship, all were known to the seers who founded the Vedas.

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I am really thankful and grateful to everyone who visited my blog and found something useful about health through Ayurveda

These are some of the responses and kind words which are so inspiring that it keeps me motivated to share the virtues of Ayurveda . I am humbled .

  • Thank you so much for posting, Dr Baljot Bharaj! If I ever come to India, I would love to visit your center and see how you serve women with the kayakalpa postnatal (and menopausal?) care.

  • Love this post! Thank you!! There is so much a new mom doesn’t know about breastfeeding, I’m scowering the internet myself to help my friends. I was blessed with it coming easy for me (AFTER we figured out how to latch). – but so many of my friends have struggled. And dried up their supply not knowing they were!

  • Congratulations for nice article and well compare with Ayurvedic reference.


  • Thanks for linking up with the Thirty-One:10 breastfeeding link-up! I LOVE the graphics here of What Moms Can Do and What Dads Can Do – perfect!

  • Very informative and useful . All the parts of Lotus has a medicinal value .

  • Didn’t know so many types of salt existed. Thanks for sharing!

  • One of my sisters gave birth recently, choosing to do it at home with the help of midwife and she was very pleased by the entire experience. During the pregnancy we searched the internet for info and your site was one of those we checked. We really appreciated the valuable information we found there about pregnancy, giving birth and caring for the baby so thank you for that . Keep up the good work.

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Boon From Ayurveda – Successful Treatment Of Adenomyosis – A Case Report (2)

This patient 47 yrs / F , came with the complaint of menorrhagia          (heavy bleeding ) , anaemia and backache since 5 years .

She had H/O Oesophageal narrowing at upper and lower end with antral gastritis in 2001 . Since then she had complaint of hyperacidity and difficulty in swallowing also .

Her first USG was done on 31/1/11 indicating Uterine Adenomyosis with Fibroid with minimal fluid in cul-de-sac ?PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ) .

She consulted me in June , 2011 and took Ayurvedic treatment for Adenomyosis , PID and Bulky Uterus till February , 2012 .

After 5 months of treatment Adenomyosis and PID was cured but uterus was still bulky .

Ayurvedic treatment was continued and she was fine within 3 months. (This USG is not available with me ) .

After that the patient was having normal menstrual cycle .

                               USG Before Treatment



                                   USG After Treatment



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