Infertility (Anovulation) to Pregnancy – A Testimonial

Dear Dr Baljot Madam,
Respected Mam I am very thankful to you because with your treatment and blessings I am able to conceive. I still remember the day when we came to you after losing hope from everywhere. Previously I took so many medicines (Allopathic as well as Ayurvedic) but never conceived. I was taking Ayurvedic medicine by which my menstrual cycle got normal but was not able to conceive. Then we decided to have Allopathic treatment for which we went to renowned gynecologist of our area. She checked my blood test, ultrasound which were all normal. So she put me on ovulation induction drugs. By taking those medicines for 3 months my body started reacting differently, I started symptoms like stomachache, nausea, insomnia, and dizziness. But still no conception occurred also no follicles matured or ruptured . That doctor advised me to check my Fallopian tubes , but I refused as follicle maturation was not proper so why to test fallopian tubes.
After losing all hopes suddenly one day as a ray of hope, I saw Facebook post of your patient who ovulated with your Ayurvedic treatment.

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So we immediately called you for appointment. After taking all my history you told me everything is fine, no need to worry. That time I was so depressed, anxious, with low self esteem, starved my body with so called dieting because all the doctors I previously met put the blame on my weight for not conceiving but you told me weight is not the issue, overall healthy body and mind is everything. You as a wonderful doctor advised me to eat right, sleep well, moderate exercise and strictly guided me not to do dieting.
After that day I followed each and every instruction of yours and started feeling better day by day.
You checked my previous reports and after taking my history you advised me only 2 test which were Vit D and CRP (no doctor ever tested these tests). And surprisingly both were altered, I had low Vit D and raised CRP levels.
After which you started medicines by which within one month my CRP reduced from 25 to 15 and Vit D increased from 22 to 75. Also I started feeling better. My periods got normal, my anxiety level reduced.

After few months I conceived naturally only by taking your medicines.

We were on cloud nine. We shared our happiness with you and you calmly told us to go for another confirmatory test for pregnancy which was also positive (Beta HCG was 538.60 mIU/mL). After which you advised me pregnancy medicines and guided me throughout my whole journey of pregnancy. With your medicines I had very smooth pregnancy without scary symptoms of pregnancy. I was very healthy throughout my pregnancy.

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I want to share some incidents:

1. My Hemoglobin level in 7th month was reduced to 9 gm. Then you gave me medicine with which my Hemoglobin raised to 11 gm in duration of 1 month. Allopathic doctor said it is not possible that within one month Hb can increase to such levels. She doubted and rechecked from her own lab and still results were the same.

2. During 8 month, ultrasound report showed cord around the neck of baby and doctor advised me to go for planned C- section in 8th month, but Mam you calmed me down with your kind words and suggest me excercises and to chant Durga Stuti. And not to go for C – Section before 9th month. Repeat ultrasound in 9th month showed there was no cord around the neck.

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And I finally delivered a healthy baby on 31 December, 2019 (our new year gift).
After delivery I was facing issues of lactation, for which you again gave me medicine, and I am lactating properly.
I followed Ayurvedic regimen for 9 months as instructed by you and our baby is very active, he started holding his neck from few weeks, also he seems to be very attentive, smart, clever. He started grasping things very early. Also he started crawling at 6 and half month, at 7th month he started standing with support…
Thank you so much Mam for changing our lives…

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