Infertility (Anovulation) to Pregnancy – A Testimonial

Dear Dr Baljot Madam,
Respected Mam I am very thankful to you because with your treatment and blessings I am able to conceive. I still remember the day when we came to you after losing hope from everywhere. Previously I took so many medicines (Allopathic as well as Ayurvedic) but never conceived. I was taking Ayurvedic medicine by which my menstrual cycle got normal but was not able to conceive. Then we decided to have Allopathic treatment for which we went to renowned gynecologist of our area. She checked my blood test, ultrasound which were all normal. So she put me on ovulation induction drugs. By taking those medicines for 3 months my body started reacting differently, I started symptoms like stomachache, nausea, insomnia, and dizziness. But still no conception occurred also no follicles matured or ruptured . That doctor advised me to check my Fallopian tubes , but I refused as follicle maturation was not proper so why to test fallopian tubes.
After losing all hopes suddenly one day as a ray of hope, I saw Facebook post of your patient who ovulated with your Ayurvedic treatment.

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So we immediately called you for appointment. After taking all my history you told me everything is fine, no need to worry. That time I was so depressed, anxious, with low self esteem, starved my body with so called dieting because all the doctors I previously met put the blame on my weight for not conceiving but you told me weight is not the issue, overall healthy body and mind is everything. You as a wonderful doctor advised me to eat right, sleep well, moderate exercise and strictly guided me not to do dieting.
After that day I followed each and every instruction of yours and started feeling better day by day.
You checked my previous reports and after taking my history you advised me only 2 test which were Vit D and CRP (no doctor ever tested these tests). And surprisingly both were altered, I had low Vit D and raised CRP levels.
After which you started medicines by which within one month my CRP reduced from 25 to 15 and Vit D increased from 22 to 75. Also I started feeling better. My periods got normal, my anxiety level reduced.

After few months I conceived naturally only by taking your medicines.

We were on cloud nine. We shared our happiness with you and you calmly told us to go for another confirmatory test for pregnancy which was also positive (Beta HCG was 538.60 mIU/mL). After which you advised me pregnancy medicines and guided me throughout my whole journey of pregnancy. With your medicines I had very smooth pregnancy without scary symptoms of pregnancy. I was very healthy throughout my pregnancy.

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I want to share some incidents:

1. My Hemoglobin level in 7th month was reduced to 9 gm. Then you gave me medicine with which my Hemoglobin raised to 11 gm in duration of 1 month. Allopathic doctor said it is not possible that within one month Hb can increase to such levels. She doubted and rechecked from her own lab and still results were the same.

2. During 8 month, ultrasound report showed cord around the neck of baby and doctor advised me to go for planned C- section in 8th month, but Mam you calmed me down with your kind words and suggest me excercises and to chant Durga Stuti. And not to go for C – Section before 9th month. Repeat ultrasound in 9th month showed there was no cord around the neck.

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And I finally delivered a healthy baby on 31 December, 2019 (our new year gift).
After delivery I was facing issues of lactation, for which you again gave me medicine, and I am lactating properly.
I followed Ayurvedic regimen for 9 months as instructed by you and our baby is very active, he started holding his neck from few weeks, also he seems to be very attentive, smart, clever. He started grasping things very early. Also he started crawling at 6 and half month, at 7th month he started standing with support…
Thank you so much Mam for changing our lives…

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Ayurveda And Milk During Pregnancy

As a complete food – easily given, readily digested and absorbed,  milk has long been considered nearly ideal source of nutrients for pregnant woman. In all the Ayurvedic  texts, fluids especially milk is indicated during first three months of pregnancy. In ‘Shatpath Brahmana’ milk has been considered as the main food of human beings.

Nutrition is needed during first trimester,  primarily to support the growth of cells, maturation of the functional levels of organs, development of nervous system and accumulation of fetal energy and nutrient stores. The milk is composed of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, water, which in itself is a complete food and supplements the health of both mother and baby.


Properties of Milk

Milk has ten properties – sweet, cold, soft, thick, unctuous, heavy, slow, viscid, glossy and clear. These properties are also present  in Ojas  or Vitality. Milk is best among ‘Jeevaniya dravyas’ (Life promoting substances) and is also called ‘Rasayana’ (Rejuvenator).

In this article an attempt has been made to understand why intake of milk is given importance during pregnancy.

Ayurveda explains that nutrition from mother’s diet provides strength , complexion  and normal growth of the fetus . Fetus is considered to be dominated by Kapha, so it needs more unctuous substances to replenish Kapha. Kapha is identical to Ojas  (Vitality ) and milk in properties. Thus milk supplements the Kapha and the growth of fetus.


As there is increase in body fluids during pregnancy, its intake compensates for it and maintains elasticity of skin. Due to the effect of progesterone, there is decreased muscular contractions of intestine leading to constipation. Water content helps in softening of stools.


Casein, the main component of protein, contains all the essential amino acids which builds , repairs and replaces tissues; aids in blood clotting; maintains fluid balance and immune system. Half a liter of milk daily provides 12 – 20 gm of protein.

During early pregnancy, woman suffers from nausea, vomiting for which frequent fluid intake especially milk is recommended . The probable reason may be that owing to the high  protein and phosphate & citrate content , it exerts a strong buffering action thus lowering the acidity of gastric juice and preventing dehydration.



Milk fat is mainly composed of triglycerides and acts as a store for body energy. Milk fat contains carotene which is changed to Vitamin A to help fetus to form healthy, supple skin and aids in vision development. As 60% of human brain is made up of fats, essential fatty acids are important for brain development, nervous system and hormone production.


It provides daily energy production. The lactose is the principle carbohydrate sugar present in milk. This enhances the absorption of calcium and prevents constipation and nausea.



Milk in adequate quantity can supply all the necessary vitamins. It is essential for healthy skin ,eyes and hair ; increases  immunity.

VitaminB1( Thaimine)
It is essential for energy production and growth.

VitaminB6 ( Pyridoxine)
It is essential for protein metabolism, healthy skin , nails and hair.

Vitamin B12 ( Cyanocobalamine)
Essential for growth and maintenance of  blood forming tissues of the bone marrow and of myelin in the nervous system. It is necessary for the synthesis of Thymidylate, the nucleotide of Thymine, which is characteristic base of DNA.

With calcium and phosphorus helps in formation of  healthy bones and teeth. It is essential to help absorb calcium from gut.

 Folate (Folic Acid )

Acts with Vitamin B12 to assist  in body cell formation. Folic acid is important before and during early pregnancy because at 3rd week of development of fetus, the neural groove is visible. After that the groove start to form neural  tube , which forms the basis of the entire nervous system. The closure  of neural tube is dependent upon protein bridge  bound together by calcium, both of which are present in milk.

neural tube1


      CALCIUM : Teeth of fetus begin to form at  about 8 weeks of pregnancy. Calcium maintains strong teeth and bones, regulates nerve, heart and muscle function. Calcium in milk is generally readily absorbed than that in other foods, because of its combination with amino acids. Half a litre of milk provides  about 600 mg calcium.

     PHOSPHORUS : Works with calcium and magnesium to maintain bone structure.

     MAGNESIUM : Helps in maintaining bone structure, required for muscle and nerve function.

      ZINC : Important for immunity, healing, DNA synthesis  and supports fetal growth.

                                So, a healthy first trimester is crucial for the normal development of fetus and maintenance of health of pregnant woman. Our Seers had the foresight about the importance of Antenatal Regimen i.e Garbhini  Paricharya, which is very scientific.

References :

Charak Samhita

Sushrut Samhita

Prasuti Vigyan by Dr  P.V.Tiwari

Human Nutrition and Dietetics by Sir Stanley Davidson , R. Passmore, J F Brock, A S Truswell; ELBS Sixth Edition.

Ayurveda And Obstetrics

Ayurveda describes Prasuti Tantra (Obstetrics) as a comprehensive and scientific management of  Pre Pregnancy Care i.e  Garbhadhan Vidhi ; Antenatal (during pregnancy) i.e Garbhini Paricharya ; Parturition (labour) i.e Prasava Paricharya ; Postnatal Period (after delivery of baby) i.e Sutika Paricharya , for safe and happy motherhood and healthy child.

Obstetrics (Prasuti Tantra) in Ayurveda is as scientific as modern Obstetrics which is the study of child birth and its disorders. Ayurveda describes all aspects related to pregnancy ( normal , abnormal & its management) from pre conception to the care of new born child. These are summarized as below:

 Conception ( Garbhadhan Vidhi)

 Pregnancy (Garbhini Paricharya) & its complications eg

 Vomiting / Hyperemesis gravidarum ( Garbhaja vamana ) , Morning Sickness         ( Hrillasa) , Diarrhoea (Atisara) , Constipation (Vibandha) , Anal Fissure ( Parikartika ) , Cough ( Kasa ) , Oedema ( Shopha ) , Fever           ( Jwara ) , Striae gravidarum ( Kikkasa ) etc.

mother and child

 Normal development of Fetus ( Garbha Vriddhi) & its disorders          (Garbha Vyapad) eg

 Abortion ( Garbha srava / Garbhapata ) ,    Intra Uterine Growth Retardation / IUGR (Garbha shosha) etc.

 Parturition / Normal Labour ( Prasava Paricharya ) & its complications eg

 Delayed Labour ( Garbha Sanga ) , Difficult / Obstructed Labour & Malpresentation of Fetus during Labour ( Mudhagarbha) etc.

 Normal Puerperium ( Sutika Paricharya ) & its complications eg

 Vaginal Tear (Yonibheda) , Backache (Prishtha shula ) , Hemiplegia (Shakhavata) , Jaundice (Kamala) , Fever ( Jwara ) , Retention of Urine (Mutra Sanga) , Constipation (Malarodha) , Bleeding per Vagina (Asrigdara),  Prolapse (Yoni Bhramsha ) , Diseases Of Breast ( Stana Roga) etc.

 Management of New Born Baby (Navajata Shishu Paricharya)

 Normal Breast Milk and Breast Feeding                                                                        ( Stanya & Stana pana Paricharya ) & their disorders

 For a healthy child , healthy sperm and ovum ( Bija ) & genetic status (Bijabhaga ) of both the partners ; nutrition & habits of female during pregnancy and normal labour (delivery of baby ) are important factors.

 So , the main aim of Prasuti Tantra ( Ayurvedic Obstetrics ) is  Shreshtham Apatyam i.e Healthy and Intelligent child , thus Healthy and Intelligent SOCIETY i.e SUPRAJAM.





Preventing Acute Kidney Attack During Pregnancy Through Ayurveda

World Kidney Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide .

This year’s focus is on Acute Kidney Attack ( earlier called Acute Renal Failure ) .

Although some diseases of the kidney and urinary tract may be associated with pregnancy by chance , pregnancy induced changes may predispose to the development of renal tract disorders . Acute Kidney Attack is a life threatening complication of pregnancy . 

world kidney day

  Causes of Acute Kidney Attack during pregnancy

A) Early pregnancy :       Hyperemesis gravidarum ( Severe Vomitting )   

                                               Septic abortion

B) Late pregnancy :     Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH),Pre eclampsia                  

                                         HELLP Syndrome

                                         Antepartum haemorrhage (bleeding during pregnancy) 

                                         Post partum haemorrhage ( bleeding after delivery )

                                         UTI ( Urinary tract infection ) : It is the most common cause of renal disease and ranges from asymptomatic bacteriuria to pyelonephritis .

      Oliguria is an important sign of acutely impaired renal function .

According to Ayurveda , it  is considered as Mutra apravrittijanya roga .

 Prevention through Ayurveda :

a)      Garbhini Paricharya ( Ayurvedic Antenatal Regimen ) should be initiated as soon as pregnancy is confirmed .

b)      Herbs which can be taken under supervision are – Amla ( gooseberry ) , Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa ) , Chandan ( Santalum album ) , Ushir ( Vetiveria zizinioides ) , Bala ( Sida cordifolia ) ,Shatavari ( Asparagus racemosus ) , Gokshur ( Tribulus terrestris ) etc .

  c)     Diet : Eatables which can be included are – Cucumber , Pumpkin , Pomegranate , Fennel , Small cardamom , Coconut water , Buttermilk , Sugarcane juice , Raisins , Mishri ( candy sugar ) , Coriander , Water chestnut ( Singhara ) etc.

 As the physiological status is altered during pregnancy , significant changes both in structure and function take place in urinary tract . So special care for even minor complaints should be taken .