Boon From Ayurveda – Successful Treatment Of Adenomyosis – A Case Report (2)

This patient 47 yrs / F , came with the complaint of menorrhagia          (heavy bleeding ) , anaemia and backache since 5 years .

She had H/O Oesophageal narrowing at upper and lower end with antral gastritis in 2001 . Since then she had complaint of hyperacidity and difficulty in swallowing also .

Her first USG was done on 31/1/11 indicating Uterine Adenomyosis with Fibroid with minimal fluid in cul-de-sac ?PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ) .

She consulted me in June , 2011 and took Ayurvedic treatment for Adenomyosis , PID and Bulky Uterus till February , 2012 .

After 5 months of treatment Adenomyosis and PID was cured but uterus was still bulky .

Ayurvedic treatment was continued and she was fine within 3 months. (This USG is not available with me ) .

After that the patient was having normal menstrual cycle .

                               USG Before Treatment



                                   USG After Treatment




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